Faema Urania 1958


Hard to post right now, when you don’t know what to say it’s better telling nothing.

Rapid catch-up session, I hope it will please you, let’s go ?! 😉

One must place it on something this machine …

urania's feet Urania's feet

One thing bothered me about this machine was broken boiler flange, a 9 holes not to be found to my knowledge. I made remanufacture. For recall, too, this machine only worked at gas, so the flange was not drilled. There was an impression of the passage hole of the heating element, and two brass round welded inside at the location of two clamping screws.

original end plate original end plate

Drilling main hole. Drilling and threading of the two holes who maintain the heating element.

Creating a branch connection on the steam circuit for the installation of the p-stat.

faema urania pressostat detail faema urania pressostat detail

I replaced the group. The original was one designed for French market. Not interesting for espresso and too hard and expensive to find the gaskets.

faema urania velox group

The machine now is quite finished. I finish rincing the boiler tomorrow and will soon make an espresso. I just have to finish painting the front glass and install the red light.

A few pictures again.



faema urania tap detail faema urania Low pressure valve faema urania heating element faema urania boiler detail faema urania faema urania drip tray faema urania manometer faema urania plexiglass faema urania plexiglass faema urania plexiglass faema urania

Return To Work

Last post June of 2011… let’s go back,  no ?

The machine is now apart, the chassis will leave to be powder coated tomorrow.

The group-head is broken, to replace. Not sure it will be possible to keep the original chrome plated “helmet”. I will see with the new group-head if it fit or not.

Another thing is a problem, the boiler’s aluminium flange is broken. I didn’t find anything yet to replace it. If anyone have a solution 😉

Finally it will not prevent me from finishing this machine, nothing like a beautiful bouquet of brass to restore courage 🙂