Faema President 1 group


Started late last year a Faema President one group.

A few problems, the group is one of those  high-volume groups of which there are no more seals, and not recommended for the quality of the coffee they produce.

Faema President Faema President Percolateur ancien achete Percolateur à vendre

 Furthermore the head of the group is broken, once more…

Faema President

I will replace the entire group. Another important thing missing … the complete steam valve, I had an idea to replace it.

Short tour of the machine before start the restore:

Faema President Faema President Faema President Faema President Faema President Faema President Faema PresidentPowder coating main frame :

Chassis Faema President

Aluminums are repolished by me, and I entrust the elements of the frame to re-chroming a professional collaborator.

Polissage machine à cafe ancienne Polissage machine à cafe ancienne


The valve will consist of a water inlet valve e61 which I added an elbow and group handle (e61 too) modified and polished.

Restauration percolateur ancien Faema President restaure Faema President

Only remain for me to remanufacture steam wand.

I replaced group and its top halve is brand new :

Faema President planete cafe

Still work, the heating system, find a way to fix nicely the new rear glass was missing. Filling the boiler, control seals. Cleaning polishing the body, plexiglass etc. … I’ll talk.

One last thing that I am always the same effect when I open a Faema, the boiler plate with “data” not specified … Can not know exactly when it was made.

Restauration machine a café ancienne


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