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A different type of collection, a different collector

An email requesting a machine restoration followed up by a quick phone call was enough to get my attention and make me drive to the Luberon, a beautiful region of Provence located an hour away from Marseille. It turned out to be an exciting and enjoyable meeting where I had the opportunity to discover an incredible collection owned by a very unique collector.

David L is used to deal and collect unusual industrial objects, including radios, lamps, big projectors and, most recently, stoves. His massive and impressive stove collection rendered him a few articles in trendy decoration magazines and even a 5 minutes TV spot in the very popular French morning news program Telematin. I´m not a professional in this field, but I will try to tell you what I had discovered that day.

Vintage french stoves David Lasseron Vintage french stoves David Lasseron Vintage french stoves David Lasseron Vintage french stoves David Lasseron

I was not equiped to do a photo shoot in his warehouse where he stores more than 200 old wood and coal stoves. Each of them is more beautiful than the other. For me, it was like a revelation, as a door that opens to a world that I didn´t  know that existed before. Therefore, my excitement to discover an industry with plenty of imagination. Every creation is finely crafted and richly decorated that might take the form of a US building U.S., an English mansion, a radio, the front part of an American car.

One of my favorites is this splendid Salamander.

Vintage french stoves David Lasseron

A few other


Vintage french stoves David Lasseron


 Vintage french stoves David Lasseron Poils anciens David Lasseron

The collector’s favorite

 Poils anciens David Lasseron Poils anciens David Lasseron Poils anciens David Lasseron

It should be a shame not to bring a few shots of the splendid radio.

David Lasseron vintage radio collection. Collection radio vintage

IMGP4143 IMGP4144 IMGP4145 IMGP4148

Nothing to see with my usual Zenith, but he saw I was falling in love for this other splendid one. He will make gift, many thanks again David.



And as if necessary, a link with our passion, man loving beautiful things, this object found at a flea market 😉

Machine à café Atomic Atomic coffee machine

To extend the visit I highly recommend a walk on his website: http://vintagefrenchstoves.com/index.html


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