An Autumn Weekend


I bought this one a few months ago. The group had been very damaged by a previous owner. So before going home waiting to be completely redone I fully sanded and polished and made ​​rechrome.

One lent to me now an original tool from Faema to remove the sleeve of the group. So I did, cleaned and reassemble.

Original Faema tool to take Marte group sleeve apart Marte group sleeve Chemise de groupe de Mercurio

I snapped on this machine for its architecture. A group of Mercurio with a horizontal boiler is all new to me. And this coupling of the group to the boiler is so awesome

Chaudière Urania 1ere génération The same boiler as on Faema Marte

 I won’t restore it now, I have to finish restoration of the Zenith Express and then to work on Mercurio.  I had this weekend to remove asbestos,  treat rust to stop etc… And in momentum I thought it would be a good idea remove old screws before time makes things worse…

Machine cafe ancienne Machine cafe ancienne Machine à café ancienne Machine à café ancienne Machine à café ancienne Machine à café ancienne Machine à café ancienne Machine cafe ancienne

🙂  One is right… still a lot of work…

But now at home and I love it 🙂

Groupe Urania

Faema Urania

A little shot just before removing Mercurio.

Machines à café anceinnes


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