Visacrem 2000

As told my friend Vincent of I didn’t post any picture of the lever…. mistake now fixed 😉

Visacrem lever

Brasil Datera from the Roaster “Torréfaction Lancelot” at Sciez sur Léman near Geneva France.

22g for this doppio :

Visacrem 2000 expresso Visacrem 2000 coffee

Datera sur Visacrem 2000

Beautiful crema, beautiful aromatic exploration, even if slightly below the Lambro. Nice texture, very nice, even if  a little more hesitant than on the Faema. It is maybe very informative. I’ll have to confirm with more experiments, but the resulting coffee is much akin to what a thermosiphon’s group like e61 can give. Interesting for a group connected to the boiler so that also, conversely, as a thermosiphon group on Faema Lambro is very close for the resulting body of a coupled group.

The rules are made to be contradicted.  ?! 😉


Incredible little machine : Visacrem 2000

This is going for see a machine that I had promised to try to sell for a friend that I fell on it. Besides a large two groups professional drags a small lever machine. A household size with a pro group Italcrem, no need anything more to stir my attention of collector

Visacrem 2000 Visacrem 2000 Visacrem 2000 Visacrem 2000 drip tray

I make some pictures of the Pavoni and begin inspecting the intriguing. Quote, short trading and I’m leaving with.

I did not know what to do. Complete restoration without knowing it more ? And if the cup result is not up to par ? I decided to refurbish it just to remake coffee clean and safe.

Visacrem 2000 made in Barcelona Visacrem 2000 heating element Visacrem 2000 resistance Visacrem 2000 chaudière Visacrem 2000 chaudière Visacrem 2000 bride de groupe joints teflon et vis inox Visacrem 2000 bride de groupe Visacrem 2000 group connection Visacrem 2000 boiler Visacrem 2000 heating element Visacrem 2000

Come back soon with a coffee shot, really surprising this little girl 😉