Visacrem 2000

As told my friend Vincent of I didn’t post any picture of the lever…. mistake now fixed 😉

Visacrem lever

Brasil Datera from the Roaster “TorrĂ©faction Lancelot” at Sciez sur LĂ©man near Geneva France.

22g for this doppio :

Visacrem 2000 expresso Visacrem 2000 coffee

Datera sur Visacrem 2000

Beautiful crema, beautiful aromatic exploration, even if slightly below the Lambro. Nice texture, very nice, even if  a little more hesitant than on the Faema. It is maybe very informative. I’ll have to confirm with more experiments, but the resulting coffee is much akin to what a thermosiphon’s group like e61 can give. Interesting for a group connected to the boiler so that also, conversely, as a thermosiphon group on Faema Lambro is very close for the resulting body of a coupled group.

The rules are made to be contradicted.  ?! 😉


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