Faema Mercurio 1st generation


Today I resumed work on the Mercurio. The discharge tube was desoldered, I resoldered and repainted.

Faema mercurio Faema mercurio Faema mercurio Faema mercurio evacuation bassinelle


I’ve often noticed that nobody said anything about “radiator” connections which connect the water inlet and hot water taps. I suspect many do not care about their condition. I wanted to know how it was done so I dismounted and do not regret, they were very rusted. Can not find this type of connection in brass or stainless steel 3/4 female 3/8male so it will be home made. A 1/2m 3/4f fittings and joints to weld 3/8, sawing drilling soldering and voila 😉

Faema mercurio rebuild hot water connector on a faema mercurio Faema mercurio raccord entré eau bas Faema mercurio raccord eau chaude bas


Some cleaning also

Faema mercurio Faema mercurio


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