Faema Mercurio 1953



Here is a restoration which is nearing its end, a really great machine that Mercurio.

Faema Mercurio by Chromesdantan

I placed the pressostat under the drip tray order to set the heating without opening the machine.

Boiler and electrical detail of Faema Mercurio

Boiler and electrical detail of Faema Mercurio Boiler and electrical detail of Faema Mercurio


Electrical wiring and approved safety valve.

Boiler and electrical detail of Faema Mercurio Boiler and electrical detail of Faema Mercurio


Mounting of the v seal of the piston rod, and piston seals.

On this group the water inlet holes are placed above the seal when piston is down, and below the lower seal when the piston is up. Not thought to take more pictures but some holes too are drilled at the bottom of the piston for the bottom joint. And also at the top to improve passage of water under pressure inside of the lip and pushing it on the group’s shirt. After the photo I finally decided to put a w seal at the top, this way there is two lips oriented to the descent of the piston and I hope it is better for durability.


Piston rod seal Faema Mercurio Piston seals on Marte and Mercurio group



 All the pictures of this post are of a friend. Arstistic vision of my work and the machine.

Thank you Fred


Faema Mercurio by Chromesdantan Faema Mercurio Marte Group on Faema Mercurio Front of Faema Mercurio


Boiler and elecrical detail of Faema Mercurio Faema Mercurio Faema Mercurio Faema Mercurio Faema Mercurio Faema Mercurio



Faema Mercurio 1st generation


Today I resumed work on the Mercurio. The discharge tube was desoldered, I resoldered and repainted.

Faema mercurio Faema mercurio Faema mercurio Faema mercurio evacuation bassinelle


I’ve often noticed that nobody said anything about “radiator” connections which connect the water inlet and hot water taps. I suspect many do not care about their condition. I wanted to know how it was done so I dismounted and do not regret, they were very rusted. Can not find this type of connection in brass or stainless steel 3/4 female 3/8male so it will be home made. A 1/2m 3/4f fittings and joints to weld 3/8, sawing drilling soldering and voila 😉

Faema mercurio rebuild hot water connector on a faema mercurio Faema mercurio raccord entré eau bas Faema mercurio raccord eau chaude bas


Some cleaning also

Faema mercurio Faema mercurio


Is Re chrome Plating Always Better ?

How restore a 60 years old machine without removing its history ?

It is very easy to make completely re plate one machine a bit shabby, and it is less work. But the charm of restoration isn’t it ultimately a question of balance ?

When I look at my Faema Mercurio closely, I see very many dents, thousands of fine scratches, a bunch of small defects it should be tempting to completely remove.

And when I finally allow myself to watch it with one other eye than technique, I see a story, a past. Also an elegance i’m sure it didn’t have when was new. Because it was just a working tool as are all these machines we collect, whereas today it has its history over, its patina.

I long to start reassembling, I started to treat the dressing elements, I hope the result will be balanced because I spent a lot of time. 


Faema Mercurio 1953

Second part of the day, a beautiful work that begins, Italian machine that was made ​​in Nice in France, a beautiful Faema Mercurio.

First photos. In fairly good condition it still lacks some parts, front nose and plexi, as well as the plexi of the cup heater. Great challenge, we have to find a way to change all that. I love this kind of challenge.

Beginning of dismantling.

For now at least this old machine does not make me too much misery, I am fortunate that it has been restored I think there are under 20, even if such restoration was only partial, it permits that I find myself today with screws and nuts in good enough shape to be removed without much damage. The studs of the group to the boiler in my opinion had not been replaced, all rusting, I did not touch them yet.

I’m very happy, the group is in an incredible condition, the spring looks new, and the sleeve has almost no trace, that Mercurio did not have to do a lot of coffee before retiring.

Pictures now 😉