Reneka Major 2 groups


A fairly particular machine to earn a little photo shoot, a great French manufacturer whose history is very well traced by Sebastien / Pootoogoo on the site of Vincent

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Unfairly called “European after misreading the archives of the brand this model is actually called Major. And here we are dealing with a model of a rare mounting two groups in one” very interesting, the width of a small machine with the convenience of using a large. Integration of the two groups is made by the use of a base two in one to connect them to the boiler. And in the use of portafilters with custom bayonets to a different angle from those normally used in this group for clamping the front of the operator. I’m not particularly lover of this brand, or this group, but I admit that there technical implementation pleases me very much.

Reneka Major 2 groupes

Reneka Euro Major

Reneka coffee machine Machine a cafe ancienne Reneka machine à café ancienne, modèle Major Reneka




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