Faema Velox 1961


I have advanced today on the Velox.

I have put the group on the chassis. Then I redid the wiring with HT wire, it starts to take shape.

Cleaning the group head and the piston. The arm of the piston was a bit piqued by rust, I had to lightly sand, outside of the coverage area of the brass ring guide of course. There are still some traces, but I treated steel with a neutralizing, if you think the machine is 50 years old and is still missing 2/10mm metal in 50 years, it means that this piece can last for 500 years before it becomes critical.

I “developed a strategy” for mounting the machine on the wall. I was looking for something very solid for a good anchorage, but still aesthetic after the installed machine. I used threaded rod cut to length for a good set of inserts to seal. We had to tighten the nuts to the front of the machine, while having enough behind to sandwich the front, without crushing it against anything by forcing too much, so I placed nuts against nuts that does not move and will act as spacers. Attractive stainless steel cap nuts that I polished finish to Mount in Beauty.

To close this first part of the day I finally arrived to unlock the drain valve of bassinelle, cleaning, running the tapered and assembly grease funnel.

Here for the first part of this day.



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