Is Re chrome Plating Always Better ?

How restore a 60 years old machine without removing its history ?

It is very easy to make completely re plate one machine a bit shabby, and it is less work. But the charm of restoration isn’t it ultimately a question of balance ?

When I look at my Faema Mercurio closely, I see very many dents, thousands of fine scratches, a bunch of small defects it should be tempting to completely remove.

And when I finally allow myself to watch it with one other eye than technique, I see a story, a past. Also an elegance i’m sure it didn’t have when was new. Because it was just a working tool as are all these machines we collect, whereas today it has its history over, its patina.

I long to start reassembling, I started to treat the dressing elements, I hope the result will be balanced because I spent a lot of time. 


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